An automatic reply text is sent to the client immediately upon engaging. This text advises the client that by continuing to use the service, they accept the outlined terms and conditions (which are sent to the client). The psychologist will generally respond within 3-5 minutes.

No, not typically. Enquiry texts about the services or entitlements are not billed and do not come off the client’s allocated sessions. The psychologist may also do a quick follow-up with the client the next day after their counselling session and these are not billed either.

Sessions are only used/billed when the client is engaging in a counselling conversation with the psychologist.

Yes, this is typically how it works. The initial SMS enquiring about the service would be received, but usually the client isn’t expecting counselling straight away. As such, an allocated time is scheduled, usually later that day or week, and this is when the “session” would occur.

Text-based counselling is just that – counselling sessions conducted via text – usually via SMS or on WhatsApp.

The customer simply scans the QR code provided – they are put in contact directly with the Virtual Psychologist team where they will receive a text response from a qualified staff person within 3 to 5 minutes (if outside of operating hours bookings can be made via a 24 hour booking service). 90% of the time the customer will book a session for some time in the future, if necessary, the customer may start a session right away.

All text-based counselling sessions are one hour long, similar to seeing a psychologist face to face – only these sessions can take place at any time and in any place, via text.

Virtual Psychologist operates Hopechat VP, Virtual Psychologist services more than 500,000 Australians with text-based counselling and has been operating in the space of text-based counselling since 2017.

As an Australian first, Virtual Psychologist provides proactive mental health services by qualified staff via text to those who find phone and face-to-face services too confrontational, embarrassing, inconvenient, costly or simply unavailable.

All Virtual Psychologist and Hopechat VP counsellors are mental health professionals trained in providing text-based counselling.

Since November 2017, Virtual Psychologist has exchanged more than 1.8 million text messages with SMS, while supporting 3.25 million Australians with around 7 million seconds of counselling. Virtual Psychologist allows mental health professionals to respond far more quickly and conveniently to individuals with mental health conditions than traditional mental health services.


Everyone’s path is different. Our team are available to support your employees – in times of stress, in times of growth and ultimately to help them thrive.

Common topics people discuss via text-counselling include:

  • Thriving in the workplace
  • Performing for success
  • Leadership skills
  • Managing staff
  • Workplace stress
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Alcohol and Drugs
  • Domestic Violence
  • Grief and loss
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Family dynamics
  • Personal issues

Virtual Psychologist and Hopechat VP are dedicated to providing confidential support and we go to great lengths to ensure that employees using our service are never identified. What you confide in counselling remains 100% private.

Text counselling hours vary depending on the organisational plan.
Generally hours are 24/7 or
M – F: 8am – 10pm
Sat: 12noon – 4pm
Sun 8am – 4pm
Bookings can be made 24 hours via a booking service.

If your employee does not offer text-based counselling and you feel this would benefit you or someone you know – individual or session packs can be purchased online at and are suitable and appropriate for any age group 13 – 99 years.

These sessions are conducted with Virtual Psychologist and Hopechat VP counsellors who are all mental health professionals trained in providing text-based counselling.