Six million Filipinos live with depression and anxiety.

Are your employees getting the support they need?

Mental health issues are affecting people in all industries. For every 1000 employees, 240 are currently struggling with some form of mental health issue*.

The estimated annual cost of ill-mental health across absenteeism, loss of productivity and staff turnover is $714,624 for an organisation of 5000 people. Approx 23,821 hours are lost per year due to work-related stress, anxiety & depression in a business with 5000 employees.

Mental illness has become the third most common disability in the Philippines, wherein six million Filipinos live with depression and anxiety. Sadly, many of these people are not accessing treatment.

Many feel embarrassed using counselling services or lack the time it takes to visit a physiologist.


With Hopechat VP, we have removed these barriers & enable HR professionals to provide effective support to their work force.

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